Little Necessities
Cuticle Restore Treatment
Essential vitamins and Alpha Hydroxy Acid are massaged into the cuticle and finger
tips and then hands are partially dipped into warm paraffin causing moisture to be
infused into the cuticle to help restore and soften.

Paraffin Treatment
Your hands and feet or face and body will sometimes suffer from aches and dryness
caused by either arthritis or the environment. Paraffin will soothe and soften
instantly with the warmth of the wax and hydrating effects of the paraffin oils.

Nourishing Lip Treatment
A quick remedy using essential oils which are sealed into the lips with paraffin. This will
hydrate and soothe this often neglected area.

Luxury Eye Treatment
A quick remedy that helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin
tone. This treatment will restore moisture to the often dehydrated eye area.

20 Minute Tune-up
This is a fully clothed chair massage. It is ideal for those in need of a pick me up or of
tension relief when time is an issue.

Acupressure Scalp Massage
Consider this a rebalancing treatment. Essential oils are blended and pressed into
pressure points that correspond to stressed areas in the body. This will improve and
restore the most tired of bodies.

Indian Stress Reliever
This is a fully clothed table massage to promote deep relaxation. Marble stones are
used along the spinal cord in a circular motion to open nerve pathways to bring about
spiritual balance to the body and mind. A quick remedy to a stressful day. (15-20 min.)

Waxing Treatments
Waxing is the quickest way to achieve hair removal and will leave your skin silky smooth.
Regular scheduled waxing to the eyebrows, lip, chin, legs, bikini area, etc. will slow down
the hair growth.

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