Skin Care Treatments
Specialty skin care treatments formulated to care for
your specific skin care issues. Our caring professionals
analyze your skin to select the correct treatment for
you. Designed for men and women with deep pore
cleansing, massage and mask included in every

Classic Express $55
Designed to introduce you to the benefits of a facial in
half the time.
Seasonal Therapy $65, $85
Includes essential therapy that relates to the season.
Back Facial $85
An ideal treatment to reduce acne breakouts on the
back, neck and shoulders.
Enzyme Therapies
Classic Enzyme $85, $90
Includes Papain Enzyme to stimulate new skin cell
growth and eliminate fine lines.
Chamomile Enzyme $85, $90
Designed to refresh and calm sensitive skin.
Sage & Thyme Enzyme $85, $890
Designed to improve oily skin and acne concerns.
Pumpkin Enzyme $98
Includes Pumpkin Enzyme to restore skins elasticity.
Vitamin Therapies
MutiVitamin $100
Ideal for all skin types. Includes a non-irritating vitamin
Power repair to improve skin elasticity, tone and
C-Esta Vitamin $105
Includes lipid soluble Vitamin C and DEA Complex to
provide immediate and visible results. Facial skin will
appear measurably firmer and tighter.
Clinical Anti-Aging Therapies
Lactic Acid $60
Glycolic Acid $60, $110
Salicylic Acid $60, $110
Skin Resurfacing
Microdermabrasion / Cellabrasion $95
A Dermabrasion treatment using salt crystals to
exfoliate the skin and to promote a healthier, more
youthful appearance by diminishing fine lines and skin

Waxing Services
Lip or Chin $13
Eyebrow Shaping $22
Eyebrow Maintaince $17 (up to 5 weeks)
Underarm $20
Bikini $37 & up
Arm $27- $37
Leg $36- $60
Back $60+
Tinting Services
Eyebrow $15

Luxury Eye and Lip Treatment $25
Restores moisture to the often-dehydrated eye and lip
Hot Stone Refresher $25
Introduces heated stones to your facial therapy to
promote relaxation.
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Manicure Services
Shellac Manicure Shllac applies like a polish and lasts up to 14 days. Shellac manicure $40
Shella French Maicure $42
Shellac Removal - no charge
Classic $21
Manicure with a moisturizing hand massage
Seasonal Therapy $34
Includes essential therapy that relates to the season.
Spa Paraffin $36
Includes exfoliating crystals and a warm paraffin
mask treatment.
Buff and Polish $15
French Buff & Polish $18
Natural Nail Repair $3
Quality nail enhancements to extend or overlay the nail
giving a natural look and feel while increasing
strength and flexibility.
Full Set
Acrylic $65
French Tips $75
Light Concept Gel $80
Buff & Seal $25
Acrylic Fill $35
LCN Gel Fill (w/polish) $42
LCN French Fill $46

Pedicure Services
Enriching therapies and quality products are combined to
exfoliate dry skin, reduce heavy calluses, nourish and
moisturize the feet. Nails are shaped and polished in every

Classic Mini $30
Maintenance Pedicure, for those on the go!
Classic Spa $45
Includes sugar scrub and a cool and tingling menthol mask.
Seasonal Therapy $50
Includes essential therapy that relates to the season.
Lavendar Salt Glow $48
Includes vitamin enriched sea salt scrub and a healing
cucumber mask.
Lemongrass $49
Includes an exfoliating lemongrass scrub and alpha hydroxy
Pumpkin Enzyme $50
Includes pumpkin enzyme a natural exfoliator and a
soothing foot mask.

French Toe polish $ 5
Hot Stone Foot Massage $20
15 Minutes Extra for Massage $15
Massage Therapies
Massage has long been recognized and used as a form of
relaxation with very therapeutic and healing benefits that date
back in history more than 3000 years. Our caring professional
therapists will tailor the perfect massage for you.
Scalp and Facial Massage $37
or add to any massage $15
Back, Neck and
Shoulder Massage $40, $65
A classic massage that targets specific muscles that carry the
most tension from day to day stresses.
Swedish Massage $65, $85
A full body massage that uses light to moderate pressure to
improve flexibility and circulation. Great for overall relaxation.
Classic Massage $75, $105
A full body massage that uses the combination of firm pressure,
stretching and long gliding strokes.
Deep Tissue Massage $50, $80
A full body massage that relieves tension in specific muscles and
joints. An excellent massage for targeting muscles suffering from
day to day stress.
Prenatal Massage $50, $80
A full body massage that relieves stress caused during
pregnancy by using light to medium pressure in long, relaxing
strokes. (Doctor approval is necessary)
Hot Stone Massage $55, $85
A therapeutic massage that incorporates heated Marble and
Baltic stones to enhance muscle relaxation.
Reflexology $35, $50
A foot massage that utilizes gentle pressing into each region of
the body causing deep relaxation while releasing the body's
healing energies.
Body Treatments
These exfoliating and lavishly hydrating full body treatments
will leave your body detoxified and your skin soft and glowing.

Mineral Salt Glow $60
Mineral rich sea salts are used to exfoliate the skin with a deep
hydrating massage to follow.
Solar Bronzing $85
A combination of a full body exfoliation and an application of
protective self-tanning lotion will leaving the skin with a
healthy sun-kissed glow.
Anti-Cellulite Wrap $85
A full body wrap that will break down cellulite, increase
circulation and contour the body, while tightening and toning the
Aromatherapy Body Wrap $85
Includes gentle body brushing followed by an aromatherapy
massae using long, gliding strokes.

Day Spa Sequences
Create your own customized spa package or experience one of
our favorite combinations.
Mid-Day Escape $85
Back, Neck and Shoulder massage, Mini Pedicure and Manicure
Mid-Day Refresher $95
Mini Express Facial, Mini Pedicure and Manicure
Luxury Spa Day $225
Hot Stone Massage, Classic Enzyme Facial, Classic Spa
Pedicure and Spa Paraffin Manicure.

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