What is popular among young women today?
Health and Beauty are the trends in the teen's world, but how do teenagers know
what to do with the all the products available on the market today?
The Teen Package is designed to introduce teenager's of the age of thirteen and up
to the basics of healthy skin care.

First she will have a skin analysis where the aesthetician will show her, by way of
the "Skin Scope", areas that are dry, oily or sun damaged. She will then receive a
European Facial, Eyebrow shaping and Makeup Consultation and Skin Care
In conclusion to the teen's package, she will given all the necessary samples with
appropriate instruction in their use, thus enabling her to continue these improved
skin care habits at home.
Total cost: $125.00
Adults are not the only one's with stress in their lives,
children also have their fair share of day to day stress.

The Little Miss Package is designed to pamper the little ones of the age of 8 and up
and consists of : My First Facial, My First Pedicure and My First Manicure.

Each treatment is a 1/2 hour in length and includes the benefits of a soothing massage.
Total cost: $83.00
Located At:
31 North Roselle Road
Schaumburg, Illinois 60194

Phone: 847-843-3880